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Barracuda Perdomo are specialists in organizing boat excursions for whale and dolphin watching along  the coast of Fuerteventura.

The location and the oceanographic characteristics of the island of Fuerteventura make  this a unique place in the world for whale and dolphin watching.

The Canary Islands in general, and Fuerteventura in particular, is an ideal location to enjoy watching whales, dolphins, toninas (a species of bottlenose dolphin) and pilot whales (which are the common pilot and tropical whales to be found in this area).

If you are enjoying your holidays in Fuerteventura, come sailing with us for an unforgettable experience!

Characteristicsof our trip

  •  Number of persons: 4 to 12 persons.
  •  Type of excursion: shared or private.
  •  Dates: all year around*.
  •  Time schedules: from 09.00 to 13.00 hours / from 14.00 to 18.00 hours.
  •  Duration of the excursion: 4 hours
  •  Price: 75 Euros per person / 50 Euros per child (up to 11 years old).
  •  Includes: Boat excursion, drinks and snacks.
  •  Description of the excursion: We travel along the coast between the South of Lanzarote and the North of Fuerteventura enjoying whale, dolphin, bottlenose dolphin and pilot whale watching.
  •  Meeting point: Excursion center Barracuda PErdomo, Calle Iglesia, 26, located behind the Corralejo harbour. The Company includes free transport from your accomodation with prior warning.
  •  Boat: Catamaran Barracuda.
  •  Payment: To reserve the excursion, we request the client to pay a deposit of 15€ per adult/ 10€ per child and the rest to be paid prior to boarding the catamaran. We also have a card payment facility available to pay for any of the offered excursions.
  •  Reserve: After booking we will be in contact with you to confirm the day of the excursion.

Frequently asked questions

On what days are the whale and dolphin watching excursions? Are there any exceptions?

In order to ensure the succes of the excursion we plan it with the best weather conditions. After booking we will be in contact with you to inform you about the weather conditions you are going to find in your holidays and to know your available dates to organise the excursion with the best conditions.

What will happen if I will have to cancel my excursion? Will I get the money back for the reservation?

If your cancellation is communicated to us with a minimum of 3 days in advance, you will be given back the deposit of 15 Euros per person.

How much time in advance will we have to be at the starting point of the excursion?

You will have to be present in Corralejo Harbour 15 minutes prior to the start of the excursion. If you will need to be picked up from your accommodation, we establish a pick up time with you.

Will Canary Residents receive some kind of discount?

Canary Residents will receive a 10% discount on the final price.

Is there a travel insurance that covers the excursion?

Our entire fleet will provide insurance protection for our clients.