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Would you like to have some fun with your friends and family? Banana Barracuda is a great experience for groups or families. Get on the float and let the Barracuda Zodiac towe you along the beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura. Have fun with the waves of  the Barracuda boat and try to stay on the float without being pulled over.

Barracuda Perdomo offers you free transport to and from your accomodation.

Contact us to book your trip (flexible hours)

We have a card paymentr facility available.

Characteristicsof our trip

  • 15€ per person.
  • Maximum 12 persons per trip
  • Duration 20 minutes.

Frequent questions

On what days are the excursions offered? Any exceptions?

Daily excursions except the 1st January, 16th July, 25th December and some cancelations because of the bad weather conditions

What is the minimun age to use the banana float?

We have no minimun age touse the banana float, however, you will have to be able to swim.

What time do we have to be present prior the excursion?

You will have to be in Corralejo harbour 15 minutes before the excursion start. If you need to be picke up we will organise your pickup time together.

Are there any discounts for groups or large family, students, someone who are retired or residents of the Canary Islands?

For this activity there are no applicable discounts.

Is there any insurances that covers the activity?

All our boats are insured.